Friday, 16 December 2011

Not the Church Times...

No, not the glorious spoof from the 1980s, which used to be online somewhere, but which I can't now find  ... but Jezebel's Trumpet itself, as John Hunwicke's blog always called it.
A few years ago I gave up reading it - for the same reason I've stopped listening to the BBC's Sunday programme (which has a similar slant) - because it ruined the weekend, and going to the altar for the parish mass in either a fury or a state of depression wasn't doing me - or anyone else - any good whatsoever.
Anyway, it's the courageous mouthpiece now, not of the Anglo-Catholics who founded it, but of the very liberal C of E establishment. Peter Mullen [here] prefers the Beano; I can't disagree.

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