Friday, 26 April 2013

Controversial? British £5 note to feature Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill will be featured on the new generation of British £5 notes which will come into circulation in 2016 [here]
So... who could possibly have a problem with that?
Well, he may have been out greatest wartime leader, but, let's face it,  he wasn't a woman, gay, a social reformer (actually he was a leading member of the 1906 radical Liberal government) or a member of any deserving minority group (aristocrats with American mothers don't qualify) and, implies the BBC's Newsnight programme, he's really no Elizabeth Fry.
Contemporary British attitudes ... there are no words......


  1. I couldn't agree more. Similar sentiments were expressed by the Rev Sally Hitchiner on BBC Breakfast this morning but when challenged she found it impossible to think of a woman of equivalent stature.
    Opponents of WO used to be somewhat trivially criticised for rejecting women because they didn't have a Willy. This has come full circle with candidates now expected to have what might be termed a Wilhemina!

    1. Ah, yes.... keeping the Church ever so 'relevant' by expressing exactly the same 'progressive' liberal views as everyone else (well, everyone else at a Notting Hill supper party) - so cutting edge ...

  2. Hmm, fivers are as rare as a politician with a conscience, and they're putting him on the backside of a fiver to boot!

    As I heard on the radio, '...damning with faint praise'.


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