Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Some posts I've missed over the last few days:

Fr Z rightly takes exception to retired Bishop of New Hampshire, Vicky Gene Robinson's  "ecumenical" views in the latter's latest tour of the television studios [here]

From The Sun in its Orb a surprising and alarming rumour about Archbishop Piero Marini [here]

Bishop David Chislett shares a memorable passage from C.S. Lewis [here]

Catholicity and Covenant [here] reports on 'ARCIC III' and the somewhat ambiguous concept of 'receptive ecumenism.'  
Of course, any authentic expression of collegiality implies a high degree of theological agreement. Surely the whole purpose of the Petrine ministry, as 'a gift to be shared,' is one of constant encouragement in the building up the people of God to full maturity, and in the Pope's strengthening of his brethren in the episcopate to proclaim the faith freed from doctrinal and disciplinary error.  
Rome's ecumenical raison d'être (theologically and historically) is to be apostolically orthodox and conservative in its exercise of the gift of authority...

And from The Spectator [here] an interesting but not wholly convincing analysis of the social and political crisis in France following the Socialist administration's decision to press ahead with gay marriage legislation. Revolution? I may be wrong, but French institutions have had a habit of proving surprisingly resilient (even through the turmoil of '68) since de Gaulle's refashioning of the Republic's constitution in 1958...

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