Friday, 19 April 2013

When violence and persecution are ignored...

This is not to try and downplay in any way whatsoever the dreadful sufferings of those caught up in the murderous bomb outrage in Boston, Massachusetts,  but it seems not all victims of jihadist violence are deemed so worthy of sympathy by our western media. Christians in Egypt, Syria and Iraq are a case in point.
This is the end of a report from Mercator.Net by Lars Brownworth:
"...Most Protestants or Catholics have never heard of a Chaldean or Melkite Christian, and there appears to be a certain intellectual laziness in the press which doesn’t seem able to process the idea of Christians as a persecuted minority. So for the most part they are simply ignored, and the eradication of 2,000 year-old Christian communities passes without comment in the information age.
“To be ignorant of our past,” Cicero warned, is to “forever remain a child”. This is an apt description of our continued silence in the face of the deteriorating situation of the minority populations of the Middle East."
Read it all here 

As a correspondent indicated to me earlier, we could do worse than give some financial, material or prayerful support to Aid to the Church in Need and similar charities.

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