Monday, 22 April 2013

What's going on in France?

This report from Tim Stanley on his blog at The Telegraph is disturbing - as is the video to which he refers:
"...A video surfaced yesterday of a confrontation between police and Catholic protestors that began when the latter refused to vacate the space they were using for their demonstration. Around 4 minutes in a young man is thrown to the ground. A priest appears to come to his aid and refuses to let go of him. The cops drag the couple apart and pull the priest towards their vans. Around 4.41 you can clearly see one of the policemen kick the cleric in the head. Blink and you’ll miss it, but I’m sure he felt it all the same. Sadly, this scene has not been unique. This newspaper has reported the use of tear gas on crowds and I’ve received anecdotal reports of children maced and protesters beaten. Much of it can only be found on Catholic blogs and ultra conservative websites –but it’s there in blood red for all to see...."
Read it all here 
The video link is also  here

Can any French readers shed more light on this?


  1. Yes, it's true, the minister of inner affairs has instructed the police to react drastically to any forbidden demonstration. 67 young people were arrested last sunday for 18 hours after trying to plant tents outside of the National Assembly, and there have been quite some violence against demonstrators. The cleric you are talking about is not a priest but a SSPX brother, you can find a photo of his wounds here
    The most ironical thing is that he will be judged for violence against a depositary of the public authority.
    Our country is drifting toward police state. 56% of the people are opposed to this Law, and only 20% are happy with the gouvernement. Those in power are afraid of the people and thus react violently. Moreover they are frustrated since no minister can do a visit in the province without being welcomed by a demonstration against gay marriage, and they start to be fed up. Most of them have cancelled all their engagements. The president has not be seen in public for more than 15 days already.
    And the rapporteur (I don't know of to say it in English) of the Law during that time is talking about the bright day when children will be made out of artificial uteruses...

  2. Qu'un sang pur abreuve nos sillons?

    1. Yes,it's part of a long tradition - from this side of the Channel,I agree with Edmund Burke about all that...


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