Monday, 1 April 2013

More April follies

This time true, alas.
Firstly from, of course, the BBC which now loves so much to try to attack the faith of orthodox Christians - at the most sacred periods of the calendar - that we should perhaps consider a mass boycott of the licence fee. £145.50 is a lot to pay to have one's faith constantly traduced.
This Easter, we have had the ubiquitous Melvyn Bragg (Lord Bragg of Wigton, the epitome of the old British media establishment) rehashing tired and discredited old heresies about Mary Magdalen [here
Francis Phillips comments at The Catholic Herald here:
"...Stuck for much to say, Bragg even summons up Sir Tim Rice, lyricist for the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Rice is a disappointment. He admits he did no “research” on Mary Magdalene; “This is just a great character we can use”, he enthused blandly. At the end of his programme Bragg concedes that most of the legendary accounts are “probably untrue.” Throughout the programme he seems very overdressed; rambling round the Holy Land he wears a heavy dark overcoat and dark suit, almost as if he is a mourner at a funeral. In a way he is; a mourner at the funeral of western intelligence, as represented by this BBC documentary..."
And the Archbishop of Wales seems to have compared Christ to ...... Fireman Sam [here]. It's an interesting analogy (which would be highly appropriate in a talk for young children) based on the Gospel message of salvation and rescue ... 
It's good to see a prominent liberal churchman speaking for once about salvation rather than affirmation, but one wonders who exactly was this Easter message aimed at.  We can probably look forward at some point in the future to St Paul as Bob the Builder.

Lastly, if you can face weeping real tears over the future of the Church, go here - the Spring Newsletter of GRAS

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