Thursday, 6 June 2013

Abuse - it's what we've come to expect

from certain quarters.... particularly on this issue...
Legitimate criticism, open differences of opinion, the recognition of deep divisions within the Church, an element satire even,  are one thing; this kind of graceless, puerile ad hominem abuse is quite another: so .... let's put it down to modern Anglicanism's failure to ensure a proper formation to its priesthood, shall we,  and move on... ?
From The Huffington Post [here] - although journalists really should try to get the terminology right, but it's just Christianity, so why bother ...
"...A row has erupted on social media after a Church of England priest called the Archbishop of Canterbury a "w****r" on Facebook over his stance on gay marriage.
Justin Welby, who was enthroned as the head primate of the Church of England in March, told the House of Lords earlier this month that allowing gay couples to marry would “diminish” Christian marriage and damage the fabric of society.
Angry over Welby's comments, Reverend M..... R........ said: ”What really upsets me is nasty people such as Justin Welby robbing me of my faith in the church, he does not speak in my name and I think he is a w****r, but im (sic) not going to stop being a christian or a priest.”

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