Sunday, 23 June 2013

''The game is up" - again...

Bishop Pete Broadbent's thoughts on the CofE women bishops legislation are quoted on the Thinking Anglicans blog [here] He makes, by the standards of a synodical insider, a very convincing case:
"...Of the four options in the HoB paper, only Option 1 has any chance of success. I would urge opponents to adopt realpolitik on this matter. It really is no good any more to argue for provision enshrined in law. The game is up..."
Admittedly, as an Celtic outsider - but one who, no doubt, faces a similar situation - I have to wonder whether the time for this kind of realpolitik is over - it can only lead to a slow, 'Swedish,' extinction - and whether the necessity is to simply make a stand and call the Synod's, and Parliament's, bluff .... and see where that leads us - and who will lead us.
The one thing which will concentrate the minds of any administrators, bishops included, is the probability of chaos and widespread 'disobedience' in the face of manifest injustice.
'Playing the game' only benefits those who make the rules... 


  1. joseph Golightly24 June 2013 at 11:10

    Are you suggesting a dignified exit strategy rather than being kicked out? Looks like the opponents to women bishops will not be able to keep their cake as well as eating it - "if you won't accept the rules you will have to go" will be the mantra?

  2. Surely the Anglican Church has its roots in disobedience? And the Catholic expression of Anglicanism, at least in "recent" history, is also rooted in disobedience - I'm thinking particularly of the saintly Bishop King.

    And in the Church of England at least, isn't it still technically a requirement that the sermon at Holy Communion be selected from a prescribed list? (I'm not sure if this was repealed - it might have been.)

    A good friend of mine for over 20 years, and an Anglican minister - he rejects the idea of priestly service - for the last 10 or so, once told me that he almost never reads Morning and Evening prayers, despite this being an obligation assumed upon ordination; and he doesn't know any clergy who do.

    And then there's the recent scandal of a CofE priest publicly calling his Metropolitan Archbishop by a particularly vile epithet.

    So, if you are going to be driven to disobedience, will it be particularly noticeable?

    1. "....and he doesn't know any clergy who do."
      I can only suggest he doesn't get out much - although, in today's Church, who knows?

  3. Not to mention:


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