Saturday, 15 June 2013

What price disestablishment.....?

So, it seems even a 'disestablished' Church isn't entirely free from the tentacles of the modern State, British or Welsh [see here and an official response form the Province here]
Paradoxically, given recent legislative developments at Westminster, "complete disestablishment" may prove an easier - and quicker - way to conform the Church in Wales to the spirit of the age ..... some, of course,  will not rest until that is so...

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  1. The astonishing thing is that the anomalous position of the Church in Wales should come as a surprise. We were clearly disendowed rather than disestablished!

    I have been wondering whether REestablishment might be preferable to complete disestablishment: it might help us to come to grips with the Cure of Souls, without which there is not much point in having a Church in Wales.


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