Monday, 10 June 2013

Local news but old news - if it's news at all ...

Jonathan Petre writes in The Mail about the Dean of St Albans' chances of becoming, not the new Bishop of Durham, as recent rumours have suggested, but the next Bishop of Monmouth in the Church in Wales  [here]
This story has been doing the rounds for some time. Who knows? 
In any case, it seems we'll just have to contain our excitement until mid-July 

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  1. Monmouth makes more sense than Durham given the Dean of St Albans' widely reported criticism of the Church of England. I heard back in April that he had been spotted in a tête-à-tête with the Archbishop of Wales who can't wait to get his name in the history books.
    One fly in the ointment is that locals appear to favour the Archdeacon of Monmouth but if he could be persuaded to to move to Llandaff Deanery that would help to clear the way and solve another problem for Barry but who would want Llandaff now - other than a Barry boy?


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