Thursday, 20 June 2013

Loss of magic - all round

According to this piece President Obama has 'lost his magic,'  
One wonders when, exactly, he acquired it...

And the Deputy Prime Minister is in trouble over remarks on a radio 'phone-in, falling foul of those who delight to descend like vultures on any possible departure from modern-morality-speak. Like President Obama's reputation, it's another symptom of both the essential shallowness of our contemporary, 'celebrity,' democratic culture, and the intrusion of the representatives of the State into our lives, when elected leaders are meant to be the guardians of what now passes for public morality. They may even try to find time to , well...., do a bit of governing from time to time.
And it is even more worrying when our politicians seem obliged to prejudge the workings of the legal system and make instant and uninformed comments on recent tabloid newspaper photographs which may, or may not, depict an incident of 'domestic' violence. These are real people involved, and this is either a matter for the police and the courts or it isn't. Full stop. 

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