Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bishops "closing down debate before it has started"

Not exactly a surprise - this is true to recent form -  but tragically disappointing nonetheless, because the Church of England deserves better of its apostolic leadership than a capitulation to those who would jettison the hard- retained vision of the catholicity of Anglicanism for the mess of pottage which is modernist liberalism - and will continue to drive the Church along this failing course, driven by secular ideology and regardless of the consequences, until all is lost.  
"Catholic Group in General Synod responds to plans for women bishopsThe Church Times is reporting: Traditionalists saddened by latest women-bishop proposals. The traditionalists referred to are the Catholic Group in General Synod.
THE House of Bishops preference for the provision of women bishops, “option one” (News, 31 May), has been severely criticised by the Catholic Group in General Synod as a “step backwards”.
In the first detailed traditionalist response, the group’s chairman, Canon Simon Killwick, says that they are “saddened” by the Bishops’ preference, accusing them of “closing down debate before it has started”.
The statement is not yet on the Group’s own website, but can be read at the end of the Church Times article."
In fact, if this comes to pass, it's not so much 'a step backwards' as a step into the abyss; we all know now - or should do - that this ongoing debate is not simply about women bishops but the wider and more radical agenda which comes along with them, an ideological 'purity' agenda of non-negotiable equal 'rights,'  which either demands or certainly entails (take your pick) the silencing, extinction or expulsion - de facto and otherwise - of traditionalist opposition; there must be no space, no place, for the survival of the tradition of the ages and an expunging of its reproachful memory from the life of the Church.
We must hope and pray and persuade that wiser and saner counsels may yet prevail. It doesn't have to be this way; we should encourage the liberals to get in touch with and feel their inner liberality - it has to be in there somewhere ...

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