Friday, 22 February 2013

Censorship at the BBC

Many are commenting on the BBC's decision to "redact" some of the evidence presented to its internal Pollard Enquiry into the Jimmy Savile affair, even more on the asinine presentation the news was given on this morning's Today Programme [here]
A broadly sympathetic report from The Guardian here , a somewhat more critical view from The Telegraph here.
 This is the evidence given by the veteran and formidable broadcaster and political interviewer, Jeremy Paxman - we should be grateful at least some of it is readable.

The Corporation is clearly acting on the considered advice of its lawyers, but can you imagine the (quite justified) howls of outrage from the BBC if any other organisation - even for 'legal reasons' - had tried to present a report into its involvement in historic child sex abuse in this way?
We should expect from such a respected (and publicly-funded) national broadcaster the standards it so loudly proclaims it possesses, and the transparency it demands of others - no more, no less.

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