Wednesday, 6 February 2013

'The sky won't fall in....'

We have been told repeatedly by its supporters that a redefinition of marriage will essentially change nothing; 'the sky,' they tell us patronisingly, 'will not fall in.'
Not in itself perhaps,  but the implications for civil liberties are only gradually beginning to emerge from our contemporary elevation (indeed, redefinition) of 'equality' as the supreme good requiring state intervention and legal sanction in order to enforce it.
The following examples (thanks to Anglican Mainstream for providing the links) come from Canada. 
An article by Michael Coren here illustrates the officially sponsored attack on those foolhardy enough to maintain traditional religious and social views of various kinds, and this initiative which seems to be funded by the provincial government of Quebec is enough to freeze the blood of anyone even remotely concerned with the preservation of liberty:
"Le Registre est un moyen de collecte d’information concernant tous les actes homophobes. Il recense les déclarations de victimes ou de témoins sans avoir à s’identifier, à l’aide d’un formulaire anonyme et confidentiel. Le Registre permettra non seulement de recenser les actes homophobes, de dresser un portrait de la situation, d’aider et d’informer les gens de leurs recours, mais aussi de développer des moyens de prévention et de sensibilisation plus adéquats et mieux ciblés.
Il est une initiative de Gai Écoute en partenariat avec la Fondation Émergence. Le Bureau de lutte contre l’homophobie du ministère de la Justice soutient financièrement le projet."
Turning a blind eye to the long term consequences for freedom of speech and association of the profound social changes which are being pushed through (to widespread public apathy - so much for the price of liberty being 'eternal vigilance') is a paradoxical way this year for liberals to mark so enthusiastically the work of George Orwell [here]. Orwell, of course, had his own problems during the Spanish Civil War and subsequently, with western liberals who have, shall we say, historical 'form' when it comes to ignoring leftist threats to freedom.
But even for modern Canadians, the above examples must surely be Orwellian enough - eh? 

Anyway, this is coming, as they say, to a society near you... 

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