Monday, 11 February 2013

The Resignation of Pope Benedict

Many of us are shocked by the news which broke this morning of Pope Benedict's impending resignation on February 28th  [the English translation of his declaration is here] 

Many traditional Anglicans, whether intending to move imminently into full communion with the See of Peter or not, have reason to be immensely grateful for his ministry, his clear proclamation and elegant and incisive defence of eternal truths and his unrivalled ability as a great teacher of the Catholic Faith. 
Anglo-Catholics particularly, among the 'separated brethren,' have felt that in Benedict XVI - at last - was someone who understood and valued our tradition.

The web is now full of comment and speculation, some of it predictably sour, but for now our deepest concern and our prayers must be for the Holy Father himself both in sickness and increasing incapacity and also in the aftermath of what must have been an agonising decision.

Here is a reminder of his contribution and why he will be so much missed (he speaks from two minutes, fifteen seconds into the video - the Holy Father's expression as he listens to the Speaker of the House of Commons perhaps says it all


  1. I see your leader caught again not paying attention (30 in in the clip). No doubt he would be all ears if the Presiding Bishop of TEC were going to speak on revisionism.

    1. My leader...? That's one way of putting it!

    2. My apologies Father, that should have been 'the dear leader':


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