Tuesday, 5 February 2013

More from the sisters and brothers at WATCH

The totalitarians at WATCH have published several new articles on the women bishops' legislation in the Church of England.
Here are two quotations which give a flavour of what we can come to expect from the ever more intolerant majority of our 'co religionists' (although that term tends to imply having a faith in common...)
We can trust them to take care of us, can't we...?
"That is one of the reasons why the language of reception was used when women were admitted to the priesthood. The experience of this ministry would seal the issue. There can be no doubt that the period of reception is long passed. When the Archbishop Rowan suggested that, in theory, it was possible for the church to reverse its decision to ordain women into the priesthood, he very quickly had to retract. There is no doubt reception time is done."
The Rt Revd John Gladwin
" I have come to understand that what I did was wrong. I was supporting a lesser good at the expense of a greater good. We cannot place the needs and wishes of a small number of our own members above our vocation to declare a gospel of justice and mercy for all human beings. We cannot achieve our goal of having women in the House of Bishops on such terms."
The Revd Canon Jane Charman

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