Monday, 4 February 2013

Some 'liars' are more equal than others

The former energy secretary, Chris Huhne  faces  up to six months in prison for his attempt to pervert the course of justice.
He lied under oath about a speeding offence. 
The Prime Minister, David Cameron, a few days before the last general election in 2010 denied having any plans to legislate for same-sex marriage. 
He seems to have lied, too.*
Clearly, a lie in a court of law in order to evade points on a driving licence is regarded as a far more heinous offence than lying to the electorate in order to attain political power, however blatant that lie has turned out to be.
But in this culture where equality is regarded as the supreme good, some 'liars' are more equal than others... and we wonder why the political process is held in such disrepute.

* Of course, we could accept, with more than a slight strain on our inclination to be charitable, that Mr Cameron has had a relatively recent conversion to the cause of 'gay marriage' were current plans not so much in harmony with his long-held and carefully considered 'modernisation' project for the Tory Party. But even given that somewhat unlikely prospect, the fact remains that this particular aspect of the  present government's policy (so far-reaching in its disastrous implications for civil liberties and religious freedoms) was never presented to the electorate in any form whatsoever. 
I repeat, "..and we wonder why the political process is held in such disrepute."


  1. We have the problem of politicians lying to the public pre-election on this side of the Irish Sea also, Father. I'm thinking esp of Enda Kenny's seemingly cast-iron guarantee that any government he led would under no circumstances legislate for abortion. I'm sure you're aware how that's working out.

    Maybe the time has come to make all politicians swear under oath before we elect them ... and then jail them forthwith if they don't keep their promises!

  2. I don't think Huhne lied in a court of law, Father. His car was caught on a speed camera, and he got a letter as registered keeper asking him to dob in the driver (or be assumed to have been driving himself). He persuaded his missus to take the rap, presumably because her licence had less points than his.

    On the main issue, you're right. Caneron didn't seek a mandate for same-sex "marriage". My local evening paper (Express and Star, Wolverhampton) tonight reports suporters of the innovation unhappy that it doesn't go far enough because the proposed legislation doesn't compel churches to offer equal marriage.

    1. It's surely a little more complicated than that. His original plea - only last week - was one of 'not guilty.' But, you're right in the sense that he hadn't at that point entered the witness box and actually given evidence in court. Actually, I do have a certain amount of sympathy for Mr Huhne in his very public humiliation - as a (post-Christian) culture we do now tend to love kicking people when they are down.
      My sympathy for Mr Cameron in his present dilemma is much, much less marked ...

  3. Someone once said never trust a correct that is turning out to be


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