Thursday, 21 February 2013

More religion-lite

As they might say across the pond - go check this out. 
The curious liturgically and theologically illiterate phenomenon of 'Ashes to Go' [here]
What it is it all about? You tell me; like much of the activity in the contemporary Anglican / Episcopal world it's a mystery, but not a particularly profound one. 
Unfortunately for the practitioners of these inane stunts, the world knows desperation when it sees it. You might as well take a hosepipe and spray random passers-by and call it baptism, or hand out consecrated Hosts at a snack bar. 
But in the make-believe world of inclusivity actually having to believe something is just another unnecessary man-made barrier.
Give it time...


  1. This is done at Saint Clement's Philadelphia, where the religion is hardly 'lite'! :-)

  2. Ah! Since you seem to approve can we look forward to seeing it on the streets of Abertillery next year?

  3. Do I approve? I don’t know would be the honest answer. Nor am I sure I feel comfortable with everything that takes place INSIDE Saint Clement’s! But they certainly don’t do ‘religion-lite’, and neither do we do it here.

  4. Now I wonder which of us will be shining shoes on Maundy Thursday?

    Does Chepstow have a market then?

    1. Only on a Sunday! Perhaps we should go a few days earlier and hand out 'palms to go.'


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