Friday, 22 February 2013

Chillingly Orwellian

I have to admit I have a certain problem with any kind of 'motivational speaking' (even some of the religious kind) and I know it's never a good idea to make potentially uninformed comments about the domestic politics of a foreign country, but the following video, whatever its motivation, comes over as deeply sinister and chillingly Orwellian in its methodology. This is compulsory 'cultural sensitivity' training for those who work for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Any similarities with the sort of thing (including 'gender awareness' and 'diversity and equality' training) now being advocated and implemented for Anglican clergy and ordinands in Britain are purely coincidental.
Can this sort of approach ever be justified in a free society? (Or, let's say it, could it ever be justified in a Church which has any remaining grasp on true Christian orthodoxy?)
Thanks to A Conservative Blog for Peace for this link:


  1. As a New York State employee who is actually paid by the federal government (I do Social Security Disability claims) I could easily be subjected to this fellow. It has been a couple of years since our last political correctness training, after all. (I think they call it diversity training.) I would have to attend, but I would not open my mouth. Even if some of what he says is a plausible interpretation, that doesn't mean anyone has a right to make me parrot it. I consider this a heads-up to prepare myself for this sort of thing. Thanks.
    Susan Peterson

    1. Thank you very much for posting that. I find it quite instructive that the video seems now to have been taken down - so much for 'the free world.' For 'copyright reasons?' - perhaps, but I don't buy it.


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