Friday, 21 December 2012

Let's have nun of that...

I recommend this post from Eccles & Bosco in preference to the real Desert Island Discs episode broadcast this morning [here].
Whatever one might think of the responses of the rather engaging Sister Wendy Beckett, why is it that whenever the BBC is confronted by (horror of horrors)  a devout Catholic, or any kind of' 'traditionalist' Christian, it has to ask such political questions? Women bishops & condoms? Sr Wendy is a hermit and an art expert.
I look forward to the next time an observant Muslim is a guest on the programme and invited to express his or her opinion on the amputation of limbs as a punishment for theft, the flogging of adulteresses and the inhumane slaughter of animals.
But then, of course, the questions would only be asked in the first place if the responses were likely to be in agreement with the approved BBC line of 'right on' religion....

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I also liked what Bones had to say:


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