Friday, 14 December 2012

Richard Hurrell Froude on 'Establishment'

"The true cause of the decay of Church Discipline is not that nations have become Christian, but that the clergy have wished to make them appear Christian, either before they were so or after they have ceased to be so. And if at the present day it is difficult to enforce Church Discipline in England, it is not because we have a National Church, but because the clergy are too anxious to keep up the show of one.  The body of the English nation either are sincere Christians or they are not; if they are, they will submit to Discipline as readily as the primitive Christians did. If not, let us tell the truth, and shame the devil: let us give up a national Church, and have a real one...."

"...Let us then beware of trusting too much to these words, " The Union of Church and State ;" and remember that it consists of two parts, State Protection and State Interference.
In conclusion, I recommend the following reflections of a modern [writer] :How long, O Lord of Grace,                                                                                      Must languish Thy true race,                                                                                            In a forced friendship                                                                                                             linked with Belial here' "
Richard Hurrell Froude: Remains (1839) 

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