Saturday, 15 December 2012

This is not going to go well...

Now is not the time to say, 'we told you so' .... but we did.
The propaganda machine is working overtime: the BBC, the publicly funded national broadcaster, has now disingenuously adopted as a neutral term, the loaded phrase 'equal marriage.' The political and social elites are displaying their usual adroitness and lack of principle in riding what they clearly see as the incoming wave of history. The response from the Anglican leadership can leave us in no doubt that if the law changes, there will be a concerted attempt - from within -  to make the Church of England (and Church in Wales) fall into line. 
Again, as we have said many times, the ordination of women was the new ideology of equality's Trojan horse  - there are few if any consistent intellectual or theological weapons now left to Anglicans of the new 'mainstream' with which to fight the abolition and suppression of the traditional Christian understanding of society.
This is not going to end well, either for western society as a whole, as it turns its back on its history, and as more of its traditional liberties are suppressed in the name of a spurious notion of equality, or for orthodox Christian believers who have to live within it and who are nevertheless commanded to preach the Gospel to it, and witness to the love of God in it.

If this disastrous legal redefinition does take place (and many of us can see no way now of preventing it), how will we deal with the inevitable state aggression which will, sooner or later, follow in its wake? What will be our response, individually, collectively? 
It's time for some concentrated theological reflection on our changed situation in what some have, against all the accumulating evidence, fondly thought was an essentially friendly culture. It's time, too, for some serious planning for an uncertain future.....
[But for another view on the prospects of the legislation passing see here}

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  1. This is an insidious process. Using the term 'equal marriage' or 'marriage equality' casts those opposed as being in opposition to equality ... and naturally if you are trying to deny someone their 'equal rights' then you are by definition prejudiced or bigoted ... or in this case homophobic ... and, of course, making it an 'equality' issue means those in favour are no longer obliged to make a reasoned argument for what they are demanding ... as far as they are concerned the simple term 'equal marriage' is all the argument that is needed ...


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